Meet Literacy, the investment business (with a difference) behind Velociti.

Literacy Capital is not like other investment houses.

Manager-owned, charity-supporting, long-term thinkers, Literacy is an ethical, UK based (and focussed) business on a mission to build business groups that deliver more, for everyone.

Literacy have recognised the frustrations and ambitions of forward-looking management teams within UK Bus and Rail. They are answering this by investing in Velociti Group and growing exceptional transportation technology businesses.

The remit they’ve given Velociti is simple;

To build a cohesive, integrated technology group in which the sum is greater than it’s individual parts. To add greater value to it’s Rail and Bus clients and exciting futures to exceptional management teams.

Supportive, hands-off and yet highly focussed, Literacy champions the fast-moving entrepreneurial spirit within Velociti and it’s companies.

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