The future of UK transportation transformation.

The UK transportation sector deserves more than a patchwork of temporary fixes, disparate point solutions or generic corporate technology. And it certainly doesn’t need the complications, limitations, delays and risks these compromises inevitably bring.

The future is smart, deep, road-tested answers that constantly evolve and always work together. Seamlessly.

That’s why we created Velociti.

A close network of proven, relevant, related UK transportation technologies that work brilliantly as point-solutions you can grow into an integrated, strategic digital infrastructure.

So, in choosing any Velociti business solution, you’re choosing the digital future of your operations.


Literacy Capital

Velociti Group is backed by Literacy Capital, a closed-end investment company focused on investing in and supporting UK businesses and helping their management teams to achieve long-term success.

Literacy are also unique in that they are the only investment fund to have been set up with a charitable objective to donate 0.9% of their net assets every year in cash to literacy charities in the UK, amounting to more than £6.4 million since Literacy’s creation in 2017.

Our values

We help and support our clients (and each other) to achieve greatness. Our success within the industry doesn’t come from our customers alone but our hard-working and committed team. It’s thanks to every Velociti team member that we can offer outstanding and innovative products to the transport sector.

The values that drive us at the Velociti Group of companies are the foundation of our ROUTE to success.

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